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UTV Stereo

UTV Stereo Signature Series Stage 6 1000 Watt Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3

UTV Stereo Signature Series Stage 6 1000 Watt Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3

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The Can-Am® X3 Stage 6 Stereo kit is our “entry-level” kit but don’t let that fool you. Like all our kits, it has been masterfully crafted and with 1000-Watts, it simply blows ANYTHING else on the market out of the water.


The Wet Sounds® MC-2® provides you with complete front and rear speaker control as well as subwoofer adjustments right at your fingertips. It features a full LCD interface, rotary volume dial, and tactile buttons. The MC-2® is both SiriusXM-Ready® and Bluetooth® capable so you can play music directly from your phone or access hundreds of radio channels wherever your adventures take you. We offer two mounting options for your X3, a lower mount and an upper mount, both designed to provide unrestricted access to the MC-2® receiver.


Our powerful 1000-Watt Signature Series amplifier is the heart of the system. It features an engraved billet aluminum chassis that has been engineered to keep the elements out and the electronics safe using sealed connections & controls. We have specifically designed this amplifier to run off your smaller Can-Am® X3 battery and stator which is possible due to its extremely low current draw. Tuning your system to perfection is simple with the built-in clipping indicators. Thanks to the small footprint and quick-connect plugs, installation is a breeze. The included CNC precision-cut lower amplifier mount is designed to be a perfect fit and won’t compromise interior space. Best of all, with the integrated Can-Am® X3 smart-lok mount, you can get that perfect factory fit.


Our Signature Series 6.5” speakers provide you with professional high-fidelity audio at maximum volume, offering ample mid-bass and treble. We designed them to have an indestructible weather-resistant one-piece grille and basket so that you can have peace of mind while out tearing up the trails, mud bogging or enjoying the dunes. The speakers feature built-in RBG LED lighting which, when combined with the included UTV Stereo RGB Bluetooth® Controller, unlocks limitless color and music sync options right at your fingertips.


Our 6.5” cage-mount pods feature a premium, lightweight, sleek and durable design perfectly molded for our 6.5” Signature Series Speakers. They are secured to your cage using our custom UTV Stereo Axia Alloys® billet aluminum cage mounts which feature a 360-degree swivel design allowing you to maneuver them to achieve an optimal sound stage. We know you are going to add accessories so we designed these pods to not impede your ability to add a chase light, cooler, particle separator or any other accessory you may want. Show off your cans with the exclusive black and brushed aluminum UTV Stereo badges.


Our 6.5” dash panel enclosures were designed to put the speakers up at eye level so that you get the best sound stage possible. They are a direct factory/OEM fit so they will not interfere with any aftermarket cage bars or windshields. They feature the same textured finish and color as the factory interior.


Our low profile (Low-Pro) subwoofer enclosures fit perfectly under the front seats regardless of the bolt position or brand of seat you own. We have optimized the usable airspace for maximum subwoofer output. They are water-resistant, sealed enclosures so you can rest assured they will be protected against the worst conditions.

Key Features:

  • 1x 1000W 5-Channel Signature Series Amplifier
  • 2x Flex 10" Low-Pro Subwoofers
  • 4x 6.5" Signature Series Speakers
  • 1x Wet Sounds® MC-2® Head Unit


  • Low-Pro Enclosure (Front): 2017+ 2 Seater & 4 Seater - This Subwoofer Enclosure has been specifically designed to allow ANY model of seat to move into ANY bolt position.
  • Low-Pro Enclosure (Rear): 2017+ 4 Seater - 'The Low-Pro Rear Enclosure' This Subwoofer Enclosure has been specifically designed for the rear seats in an X3. It features a low profile design.

UTV Stereo Signature Stage 6 Stereo System for Can-Am X3 Includes:

  • 1 - UTV STEREO Signature Series 1000.5D Amplifier
  • 4 - UTV STEREO 6.5" Signature Series Speakers
  • 2 - UTV STEREO Flex 10" Low-Pro Subwoofers
  • 2 - UTV STEREO 6.5" Dash Mount Speaker Enclosures With Smart-Lok
  • 2 - UTV STEREO 6.5" Rear Cage Mount Speaker Enclosures
  • 2 - UTV STEREO 6.5" Speaker Spacer Rings
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Bluetooth® RGB Controller Kit
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Front Low-Pro Driver Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Front Low-Pro Passenger Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 1 - UTV STEREO X3 Lower Amp Mount
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Lower MC-2® Mount
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Source Unit Harness + Rocker Switch
  • 1 - WET SOUNDS® MC-2® Head Unit 
  • 1 - UTV STEREO X3 Center Console Covers (Pair)
  • 1 - UTV STEREO AM / FM Antenna
  • 1 - UTV STEREO 86" Power Harness (80Amp Fused) [UTVS-HRN-AMP-PWR-86]
  • 1 - UTV STEREO 6 Conductor Speaker Wire (50')
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Subwoofer Bass Knob
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Stage 6 Install Kit

UTV Stereo Signature Rear Seat Subwoofer Upgrade (4 Seat X3 Models) Includes:

  • 1 - UTV STEREO Signature Series 1000.1D Amplifier
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Rear Low-Pro Driver Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Rear Low-Pro Passenger Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Lower Amplifier Mount
  • 1 - UTV STEREO 86" Power Harness (80Amp Fused) [UTVS-HRN-AMP-PWR-86]
  • 2 - Flex 10" Low-Pro Subwoofers
  • 1 - UTV STEREO Install Kit
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