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TPR Catch Can Kit for Polaris RZR Pro XP, Turbo R & XP Turbo/S

TPR Catch Can Kit for Polaris RZR Pro XP, Turbo R & XP Turbo/S

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Total Performance Racing Industry (TPR) has the ultimate solution to combat the excessive crankcase pressure and subsequent oil blow-by issues RZR XP platforms experience. The OEM breather system recirculates crankcase blow-by back into the intake system, which allows oil to be carried out and burned off due to the proximity of the oil pan. This leads to running lower oil levels and potential issues like rod bearing failure, among others.

TPR's Oil Breather Kit solves this problem by integrating a multi-chambered tank designed to catch and separate oil from fuel and water vapor, and then recirculate the oil back to the crankcase to eliminate oil waste. The water/fuel vapor collects in its own chamber separate from the oil to simplify the draining process.

This kit also includes the billet TPR Breather Block, a direct replacement for the OEM cast part that allows you to install larger and additional breather lines.

TPR Oil Breather Kit includes:

  • Tig welded aluminum catch can
  • Billet Breather Block w/ ARP bolts
  • Billet Breather Cap w/ -10 AN fitting
  • Billet Intake Plug
  • All fittings and hardware necessary for installation
  • -16 pushlock hose (must cut to size)
  • -10 pushlock hose (must cut to size)
  • Hose clamps for chassis mount


  • Catch Can, Breather Block, Breather Cap and ARP bolts are made in the U.S.A.
  • Separates oil from fuel/water vapor and recirculates it back into the crankcase to eliminate wasted consumption
  • Fuel/water vapor collect in separate chamber for easy draining
  • Fitment available for Polaris RZR Pro XP & Turbo R, and XP Turbo/S models
  • Kits include all fittings and hardware necessary for installation, as well as extra hose length for proper fitment on a variety of setups


2022 Turbo R
2020-'22 Polaris Pro XP
2016-'21 XP Turbo
2017-'21 XP Turbo S


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