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Clutch Standard Weight Kit, for TAPP Primary

Clutch Standard Weight Kit, for TAPP Primary

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The weight in the arms of a TAPP primary can be adjusted in two ways: set screws in the arms, and washers on the roller thru bolt. Your clutch was shipped with a basic tuning kit. As with all other clutches, add weight to lower RPM, remove weight to raise RPM. Set screws in the arms affect the low-speed shift points more than the high speed and will reduce the max RPM. Weight on the roller axle bolt acts like tip weight in a conventional clutch, affecting the high-speed more than any other part of the curve. Adjust this as needed for your application.

Eight (8) 1/2 inch Allen screws
Four (4) 1-1/2" Roller Bolts
Four (4) 1-3/4" Roller Bolts
Four (4) 2" Roller Bolts
Four (4) Nylon Nuts
16 regular washers

IMPORTANT - As with all other adjustments, do this evenly and only in pairs across from each other, failure to do so will result in an imbalance of the clutch and possible failure.

Allen screws must be added in pairs opposite to one another. Allen screws are .500', weighing 2.7 grams. Adding two Allen screws will add 5.2 grams. Adding all eight Allen screws will add 20.8 grams.

Socket Head Screws (4) 1.5" 5.8 grams
Socket Head Screws (4) 1.75" 6.8 grams
Socket Head Screws (4) 2.00" 7.5 grams
Nylon Locknut (4) 10-32 2.2 grams
Washer (16) 0625 (1/16") 1.2 grams
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