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Shadow-Caster - SCM-AL-LED

Shadow-Caster - SCM-AL-LED

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Shadow Caster SCM-AL-LED-8 8' LED Accent Strip Light

Model: SCM-AL-LED-8

  • Can be trimmed to length
  • Conveniently installs in the gunwale space and coves of your deck
  • 60 LEDs/meter
  • 60 LEDs/meter
  • 20" color coded termination cable for plug-and-play connection
  • Changes colors from Red, Green, Blue and White*
  • Integrated light dimming feature to easily select output intensity*
  • Integrated fading between Blue and White, or Red, Green, Blue and White*
  • Compatible with their Zone Controller

Shadow Casters Accent Lighting LED Strip is perfect for lighting the decks and coves of your boat. Their AL strip offers 60 LEDs/meter, and includes a 20'color coded termination cable for plug-and-play connection. Combine the AL strip with their Zone Controller for full RGB capability. This will also allow a user the ability to dim, flash, fade your AL strip and synchronize the strip with music.

*Zone Controller needed for these options.


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