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Polaris RZR Pro R Shift-Tek Magnet Clutch Kits

Polaris RZR Pro R Shift-Tek Magnet Clutch Kits

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The new EVP RZR Pro R Clutch kits have enough adjustability to compensate for all EVP Pro R ECU Power Flash horsepower levels from Stage 1 up to (and including) the Paragon P54-330 Turbo System. This kit keeps clutch RPM engagement low and close to stock for a smooth takeoff, but with the included magnetic weights, it also has the adjustability to add higher engagement primary or secondary springs. In addition, the "non-notched" profile is designed specifically to cater to the geometry of the OEM Polaris clutch.

  • Available as Weight Kit only, or Essential Clutch Kit with Silver Primary Spring and Turquoise Secondary Spring
  • Clutch arms are fully adjustable with new EVP high-strength magnetic weights (included)
  • Clutch arms are coated with black oxide for durability, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and better lubricity
  • Springs are made from chrome silicon steel alloy, which is stronger than most alloys
  • Stiffer primary spring compared to OEM, allowing more belt squeeze to eliminate slippage
  • Replacement secondary spring increases back shift speed
  • Shift-Tek weights feature specific geometry catering to the Polaris OEM clutches
  • All EVP clutch kits are designed to work with both the OEM and EVP BAD ASS Belts
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A.


EVP Shift-Tek Magnet Clutch Weight Kits for RZR Pro R

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