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Polaris Ranger 1000 XP (2019-2021) Primary Clutch

Polaris Ranger 1000 XP (2019-2021) Primary Clutch

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  • Mother Clutcher aftermarket complete clutch upgrade, comes with weight and springs already in it ready to mount up and use!

  • Mounts up and works on 2019-2021 Polaris Ranger 1000 XP and SOME 2018 models listed below.

  • This P90XT upgrade lets the engine rev up a little higher than the oem did (about 300-400 rpm higher at full throttle). This is also a lot smoother engaging clutch on take-off.

  • This P90XT clutch has the same heavy-duty design that comes on the 2016-2020 RZR Turbo. It does away with the failure-prone P90X clutch that came on the Ranger and replaces it with a more proven design that can handle more than double the Ranger 1000 Horsepower and still not fail.

  • To swap to this clutch you only need the P90X puller tool to get the stock one off, plus the new mounting bolt. BOTH are included in this listing.

  • This will get you in the slightly higher rpm power band you want for performance if using on medium to fast pace trail riding or for sport.

  • The only downfall on these has nothing to do with the function of it, but rather a sound. They tick at idle (when under 2200 rpm) by design for the same reason the OEM RZR Turbo clicks at idle. It is because the spider moves freely in the clutch basket by design, unlike the OEM clutch that it's replacing.

  • 2018 FITMENT: IN 2018 POLARIS DID A SPLIT YEAR and it FITS the NON CREW models in 2018. In 2018 it fits XP, Northstar single cab, but NOT CREW models in 2018. If you got a 2018 the part number this clutch replaces is the ones that came with 1323397.
  • GUARANTEE: 1-year warranty backed by Harveys ATV Parts.
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