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Garmin Tread - SXS Edition

Garmin Tread - SXS Edition

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Tread® - SxS Edition

8” Powersport Navigator with Group Ride Radio - SXS Edition

Know Your Exact Location at All Times
There’s a very fine line between exploring the unknown and getting lost—and it’s so easy to get lost when you’re riding in unfamiliar territory. Garmin’s 8” Tread™ Powersports Navigator - SxS Edition is exactly what you need to keep you and the crew in touch with each other and the outside world. You’ll know your exact location even on the most remote excursions. And the included Group Ride Radio will help you coordinate with up to 20 of your buddies to make sure you all make it out of the backwoods in one piece.

Preloaded with Tons of Useful Maps
This GPS kit comes preloaded with topographic and street maps of North America, including U.S. Forest Service roads, trails, and public land boundaries. The 8” multi-touch screen is bright and easy to use, so you’ll never be caught without a view of the trail ahead.

Connect to the Tread App
You can use the Tread app on your smartphone to connect this GPS kit to cellular data, share routes with friends, and sync waypoints. You can even access smart notifications like text messages and live weather reports!

Group Ride Radio!
Group Ride Radio puts this GPS kit over the top. You can track and communicate with up to 20 other riders at the same time. Even if you leave your buddies eating your rooster tail, they’ll know exactly where you are when it’s time to catch up—they can call you out for your BS with the included hand mic too! It’s like your group chat came to life.

Built for Your SxS
This rugged GPS kit was built for the outdoors. It’s IP67 rated for water and dirt resistance. That means it can keep up on even intense, muddy rides. And with a battery life of up to 6 hours, you’ll never be left wondering how to get back to the trailer.

Kit Includes

  • Tread - 8” SxS Edition
  • Group Ride Radio
  • Fist mic
  • VHF antenna
  • Antenna mount kit
  • Locking magnetic mount
  • Tube mount kit
  • Power cable
  • USB-C cable


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