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Evolution Powersports LLC

EVP TAPP Primary Clutch HD Weight Kit

EVP TAPP Primary Clutch HD Weight Kit

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Designed for high-horsepower side-by-sides, TAPP Primary Clutch HD Weights are the heaviest weights offered for TAPP clutches, allowing you to add approximately 42 grams to each arm using the 2.00" Socket Head Screws. Compatible with all Can-Am and Polaris TAPP Primary Clutches. Kit includes four (4) HD Weights (two pairs) to allow for even adjustments.

  • Kit includes four (4) weights (two pairs, does not include clutch arms shown in picture)
  • Each HD weight weighs 21.2 grams, allowing up to 42.4 grams per arm
  • Compatible with both spider/roller- and button-style TAPP Primary Clutches
  • Install two (2) weights per clutch arm


All Can-Am & Polaris TAPP Primary Clutches

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