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Evolution Powersports LLC

EVP Shift-Tek Ultimate Clutch Kit for Polaris Xpedition

EVP Shift-Tek Ultimate Clutch Kit for Polaris Xpedition

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For both stock and tuned Polaris Xpeditions, clutching is a critical area that needs attention. The fully cabbed beast boasts a wet weight ranging from just over 2,000 pounds (XP Premium) to upwards of 2,800 pounds (ADV 5 NorthStar), and the OEM clutch setup is seriously lacking in regard to properly putting power to the ground, belt grip, and reaching peak/proper operating RPM. The EVP Shift-Tek Ultimate Clutch Kit for Xpedition solves these problems by adding more weight in the primary via adjustable non-notched clutch arms that are profiled for smoother RPM gains, faster and more consistent top-end speeds, acceleration that's always on point, and less noise in the cab thanks to significantly smoother operation. Additionally, the EVP Straight 38 Helix reinforces the secondary clutch by significantly increasing belt grip, leading to more aggressive acceleration and overall responsiveness.

  • Kit Includes:
    • EVP Adjustable Clutch Weights with stainless steel screw set
    • EVP Straight 38 Helix
  • EVP clutch weights are profiled for more responsive acceleration and torque, with higher and smoother top-end speeds
  • Straight 38 Helix helps eliminate belt slip for enhanced belt grip and responsiveness plus smoother back shifts
  • Multiple calibrations for stock and EVP-tuned Xpedition ECU's
  • Highly recommended to eliminate the sluggish acceleration on both stock and EVP-tuned Xpedition models
  • Reduces interior cab noise thanks to smoother shifting and operation


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    Shift-Tek Ultimate Clutch Kit for Polaris Xpedition

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