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EVP Shift-Tek Primary Clutch C-Clamp Tool Kit

EVP Shift-Tek Primary Clutch C-Clamp Tool Kit

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Changing or adjusting your weights with the clutch still installed is now easier than ever. The EVP Shift-Tek C-Clamp Tool Kit is a game-changer when it comes to conveniently making weight adjustments in minutes while out on the dunes or trails. The kit includes a threaded screw with no-mar tip, easy-grip handle, and c-clamp to securely hold the clutch closed once compressed so you can make weight adjustments or changes on the fly. WITHOUT removing the clutch!

  • Made from durable steel with black hex coating (handle is made from aluminum)
  • Kit includes handle, threaded screw with no-mar tip, and c-clamp
  • Threaded screw can also be used with 10mm socket instead of the included handle
  • Compatible with all Can-Am primary clutches (6-Arm and pDrive)
  • Compatible with 2016-2021 Polaris primary clutches (EXCEPT P90X Primary Clutch)


    POLARIS: Compatible with 2016-2021 OEM Primary Clutch

    CAN-AM: Compatible with all OEM Primary Clutches (6-Arm & pDrive)


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