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EVP Maverick R Rising Rate Fuel Pump Kit

EVP Maverick R Rising Rate Fuel Pump Kit

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*EVP DISCLAIMER: The Rising Rate 340LPH Fuel Pump Assembly and Conversion Kit are only recommended for customers who want to run E85 fuel in their Maverick R. (E85 TUNING FILES SOLD SEPARATELY)

A re-engineered fuel pump assembly for more performance, more flexibility, and the most functionality needed for your machine! Gain the capability of supporting approximately 400 wheel horsepower on E85, with plenty of overhead for future power upgrades.

Both Kits Include:

  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Fuel Hat 
  • Billet Fuel Hat Wiring Harness Assembly
  • E85 Safe DW 340LPH Fuel Pump  
  • Billet Aluminum & Serviceable Fuel Filter, Filter Housing, 100-Micron Stainless Filter  
  • Mil-Spec Relay Wiring Harness  
  • Integrated 4.5 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator (Can be used as a static 65 psi setup or a rising rate) 
  • X3 Fuel Filter O-Ring

Rising Rate Drop-In Assembly: 

  • Includes Fully Assembled Maverick R Fuel Pump Assembly with 340LPH Fuel Pump
  • Drop-In Ready Full Replacement for OEM Assembly

Rising Rate Conversion Kit: 

  • Includes 340LPH Fuel Pump 
  • Reuses the OEM Assembly including OEM fuel pickup, float, gasket and cap
  • Includes Crimping Tools for Conversion 

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