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EVP High-Volume Aluminum Coolant Reservoir Tank for Polaris RZR Pro R

EVP High-Volume Aluminum Coolant Reservoir Tank for Polaris RZR Pro R

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The EVP High-Volume Aluminum Coolant Reservoir replaces the stock plastic unit and delivers more capacity and better flow to optimize cooling and eliminate the threat of overheating. This must-have upgrade for any Pro R is constructed from 5052 aluminum with integrated internal baffles that provide enhance flow while also allowing approxmiately 25%-30% more coolant volume at the fill line vs stock (.70L OEM vs 1.0L EVP). The sight glass is located conveniently on the face of the reservoir for easy level viewing through the high temp/UV-resistant material.

  • OEM Fill Line: .70L, EVP High-Volume Reservoir Fill Line: 1.0L
  • Equates approx 25%-30% more coolant volume than stock at the fill line
  • Includes full hardware kit and silicone/hoses for installation
  • Compatible with, and highly recommended for, all EVP P54 Turbo Systems
  • Also compatible with stock/naturally aspirated Pro R's
  • High Temp/UV resistant sight glass for easy coolant level reading with Min and Max marker lines (Check/fill at ambient non-running temp)
  • Pressure/Leak tested to 30 psi
  • Available in Black Cerakote finish only
  • Internally baffled for proper flow
  • Pressurized Fill Cap, 6061-T6 Billet Filler Neck
  • 5052/6061 Welded aluminum assembly
  • Replacement 6mm ID Hose for Turbo Coolant Line
  • Oetiker clamps for reattachment included (Pinch Clamp Tool not included)

Note: Engine coolant is not included with purchase.


2022+ Polaris RZR Pro R


EVP Pro R High-Volume Coolant Reservoir

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