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EVP Bad Ass CAN-AM Belt ALL 2014-2021 X3 Models & Defender/Sport 1000/800

EVP Bad Ass CAN-AM Belt ALL 2014-2021 X3 Models & Defender/Sport 1000/800

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All Can-Am X3 Models & Defender/Sport 1000/800
(replaces OEM 422280651 & 42280652)


EVP Bad Ass Drive Belts for Can-Am Maverick X3 offer far-superior performance at a lower price point than OEM belts. For years, EVP has been working directly with GBoost Technology, a highly regarded CVT belt and clutching manufacturer, to validate many new belt compounds for SXS’s and Snowmobiles. Each compound gets subjected to an extensive durability regiment through our sponsored race program and on our own big-horsepower vehicles. Besides being more durable compared to OEM belts, Bad Ass belt compounds provide better grip, which transfers more power to the ground instead of excess belt dust. Furthermore, GBoost is one of the only manufacturers that designs belts for different uses and conditions for the same vehicle. 

For full features on each belt, view the Description Tab toward the bottom of the page.


WORLD’S BEST BELT: This belt acts like the OEM belt in terms of engagement and operating RPM’s. The toughest, best all-around belt proven repeatedly in the most extreme conditions! EVP World's Best (WB) Belts are for the rider/racer that is looking for a tried-and-true OEM-style belt that’s more durable with proven enhanced performance. Third-generation heavy duty, high-twisted aramid fiber cord is used for high-horsepower machines, making it the strongest belt on the market next to our XR Race Series belt and surpassing our Extreme Belt. The WB belt has a high shock load rating to withstand the power of up to 400hp machines. 

EXTREME (EX) BELT: The specific compounds in the Extreme (EX) Belt make the engagement quicker while lowering the peak engine operating speeds by about 200 RPM’s. The EX Belt is built for the extreme trail/mud riders that need a ton of belt squeeze to stop from the belt from slipping and deliver enhanced response at all RPM levels. This belt changed our Wisconsin trail driving habits and allowed us to drive our vehicles to the limit without the fear of premature belt failure. Extreme performance and reliability.

XR RACE SERIES: Not recommended for OEM primary clutches. The XR Race Series Belts were developed specifically for race applications and high-powered cars that thrive on thrashing through the dunes or desert. Manufactured with a larger Kevlar cord and custom braid design marrying the belt layers for better shock absorption, increased cord pop-out resistance, and being able to withstand more heat for increased strength and durability. This belt has been load-tested to withstand the power of 600hp machines and is considered the strongest all-around CVT drive belt we offer.



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