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EVP MG1 Adjustable 2-Step Launch Control for Late-Model 2021-2023 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo RR

EVP MG1 Adjustable 2-Step Launch Control for Late-Model 2021-2023 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo RR

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The pinnacle of UTV launch control programming!

EVP set the standard with the first-ever launch control integration into the factory Can-Am ECU. Now, we've taken it to another level with the introduction of our all-new MG1 ECU Adjustable Launch Control programming that lets you dial in launch RPM settings on-the-fly using only onboard OEM controls!

Available for late-model 2021-'23 X3 Turbo RR's, the new EVP MG1 Adjustable Launch Control upgrade allows users to adjust launch RPM settings without using the CodeShooter app or re-flashing the ECU once the new program is installed. Instead, using a simple combination of the OEM headlight momentary switch along with gas pedal, the launch RPM can be adjusted by increments of 100 RPM starting from 2200 all the way up to 5200 RPM's.

This is an absolute game-changer by essentially providing drivers with launch RPM adjustability literally on demand. Other features like real-time boost, peak boost, and AFR monitoring are accessed similarly using the OEM headlight momentary switch and brake pedal. This allows these parameters to be displayed right on the factory dash cluster without requiring a dash flash! Standalone ECU's don't even have this type of flexibility when it comes to conveniently converting your machine for racing one day and hitting the dunes or trails with the family the next day. It's also a great solution for racers or riders who don't want to mess around with adjusting the clutches to raise or lower engagement. Now, you can simply raise or lower your launch RPM with this exclusive industry-first upgrade that's only available from EVP.

An additional race-oriented feature we've integrated is a completely revamped staging sequence. Previously, once the EVP Turbo RR launch control staging mode was initiated, the car could not be driven around and instead drivers had to stage at the tree. This updated feature now allows drivers to enter the launch control staging mode before entering the beams! Once the new Adjustable 2-Step Launch Control staging mode is initiated, drivers have about two-and-a-half minutes before staging times out. Another EVP exclusive and industry-first feature you won't find anywhere else!

  • On-demand launch RPM adjustability using OEM controls WITHOUT interfacing with the CodeShooter app or re-flashing the ECU
  • Increase (or decrease) launch RPM by increments of 100 RPM from 2200 RPM up to 5200 RPM
  • Additional boost, peak boost, and AFR monitoring on the OEM display without requiring a dash flash
  • Revamped staging mode now allows riders to initiate staging and then drive into positioning (times out after 2.5 minutes)
  • Only compatible with late-model 2021-'23 X3 Turbo RR's that have been hardware unlocked and flashed by EVP

PREVIOUS TURBO RR MG1 LAUNCH CONTROL CUSTOMERS: If you previously purchased EVP Launch Control programming for your EVP-tuned/unlocked late-model '21-'23 Turbo RR, you can access this updated version for a $50 upgrade charge. Please call to place your order: (715) 247-3862.


  • Not available for early model 2021 Maverick X3 Turbo RR's at this time (early 2021 = manufactured in/before October 2020).
  • Only compatible with late-model 2021 Maverick Turbo RR's that have been unlocked and tuned by EVP.
  • Coming soon for 2024 X3 Turbo RR and 2023 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo 135HP Base Models.

ECU SEND-IN NOTE: Select your MG1 Adjustable Launch Control flash delivery method below. If selecting 'Bench Flash (ECU Send-In)" please FILL OUT AND PRINT the EVP ECU Submission Form.

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