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2024 Polaris RZR XP 1000 ECU Bench Power Flash (ECU SEND-IN)

2024 Polaris RZR XP 1000 ECU Bench Power Flash (ECU SEND-IN)

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Stock 91 114 97 8300-8500
EVP Stage 1 91 119 101 8300-8500

More than 12 horsepower gained on the hit, raised/removed limiters, optimized ignition and fueling, enhanced engine safety parameters and much more; all standard-issue performance features of the EVP ECU Power Flash for new-and-improved 2024 RZR XP 1000 models!

Polaris made significant performance updates to the '24 model year XP 1000 including the new 114 HP Gen2 ProStar twin, a lower gear ratio, and incorporating the MG1 ECU. The result is a substantially updated platform that's more powerful and responsive compared to its predecessor, but still relatively neutered when it comes to performing at full potential. That's where we step in.

In the EVP Dyno Lab we were able to achieve a substantial increase in horsepower and overall throttle response through timing, fueling and torque limit adjustments. Whether you're running wide-open in the dunes/desert, carving short course corners or taking it to the trails, the EVP XP 1000 Stage 1 tune delivers a night-and-day difference in responsiveness for on-demand power compared to factory ECU settings.

Additional enhanced engine safety features include lower fan on/off temperatures, plus optimized ignition and fueling for 91 octane pump gas.


  • High Gear speed limiters raised
    • Stock: 76 mph
    • Tuned: 90 mph
  • Low Gear speed limiters raised
    • Stock: 33 mph
    • Tuned: 40 mph
  • Rev limits raised
  • TQ limits removed
  • Fan on/off temperatures lowered
  • Improved fueling and ignition timing advance optimized for 91 Octane for maximum power
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved)


2024 Polaris RZR XP 1000

FITMENT NOTE: RZR XP 1000 ECU is located behind the removable panel in back of the driver's seat. Diagnostic port location is is under the front dash near/next to the (driver's) right leg.

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