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Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC Turbo 165HP Maptuner ECU Power Flash

Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC Turbo 165HP Maptuner ECU Power Flash

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Get the most out of your Ski-Doo ETEC 850 Turbo! Our software is calibrated for the northern climate, tested by us and carefully refined using all our knowledge in snowmobiles and engine management. The Stage 1 gives the Ski-Doo more power and torque across the entire RPM-range - especially in the mid-range - for outstanding drivability! Our main focus is always overall drivability and accessible performance' at any time, instead of just peak power.

Programming is performed in a couple of minutes with the MaptunerX and you get free access to all tuning software available for your vehicle.

More power - Better response - Faster spool-up - Outstanding drivability!

The feedback from our partners & customers after testing our tuning for the Ski-Doo 850 has been overwhelming. The increase in response and drivability achieved with this tune is beyond what we expected. Our tuning makes the already great Ski-Doo 850 an even better (and more exciting) machine to ride!

Note: Maptuner X Device is Compatible with Windows PC Operating Systems Only

Stage 1 Specifications 170HP to 186HP

  • No Speed Limitation
  • Tune RPM Limit: 8300 rpm
  • +21 HP Gain
  • Peak power 7700rpm
  • Require premium fuel for optimal performance

Development Process

Always setting the bar very high when we begin development on new engine tuning software, for this particular model, the development process took months in order to make sure we brought the best possible performance in every aspect.

The first thing we did was to get familiar with the vehicle and the engine construction, and perform thorough tests on the stock configuration in our dyno facility. At this stage we installed a variety of sensors to accurately measure pressures, temperatures, fuel, flow and power. With full access to the ECU and all its different maps we began localizing the necessary parameters that would need to be adjusted. By adjusting in small increments and performing many, many test runs on the dyno, we closely monitored the process and recorded how the engine responded to every change. We also stress tested the engine by running it hard over extended periods of time, at both full and partial load, to make sure temperatures and other parameters didn't reach harmful levels over time.

Once we have achieved the power figures we desired, field testing began. Driving the vehicles in the same environments as our customers is crucial to getting the best possible driveability. All the sensors are still installed on the vehicle and we get copious amounts of data for review. Thanks to the MaptunerX, we can also test, adjust and refine the tune on location during field testing. After field testing the software we hand it over to our partners and racers. This is the key to test the tunes in real-world situations and with many different driving/riding styles. Using the MaptunerX Data Logger we received crucial feedback and even more data to analyze. We then adjust the tune individually and let different drivers try out different tunes to see what works best.

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