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EVP Maptuner Nano NX3A Bluetooth ECU Flashing Device & Cables

EVP Maptuner Nano NX3A Bluetooth ECU Flashing Device & Cables

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EVP DISCLAIMER: Please note that flashing your ECU as well as accessing the Maptuner Data Logging feature with the Maptuner Nano requires the separate purchase of EVP ECU Tuning Software and License. You do not need to purchase tuning software to access the Maptuner Nano Fault Code Reader or utilize the monitoring function.

Maptuner's next generation of ECU flashing technology is here! Introducing the ultra-compact and wireless app-based Maptuner Nano NX3A with Bluetooth connectivity!

Sharing many of the same features as the renowned Maptuner X, the all-new Nano NX3A makes Maptuner ECU flashing easier and more convenient than before. The Nano wirelessly syncs directly to any Android or iOS device, which eliminates the need for a PC to download and access the files. Additionally, the Nano also features real-time monitoring of vital engine and performance criteria, data logging and exporting, as well as identifying and clearing diagnostic fault codes. Pound for pound, the pint-sized Maptuner Nano holds its own among the heavyweights when it comes to ECU programming.

The MyMaptuner App is a free download available through Android/Google Play version 10 or newer and iOS 12 or newer. MyMaptuner allows you to customize and control your vehicle's settings. Flash your ECU, adjust performance parameters, unlock new features, and receive real-time engine data at your fingertips.

  • All tuning files sold separately
  • Bluetooth/wireless syncing: Access files and program the ECU directly from any Android or Apple iOS device (Android version 10 or newer, iOS 12 or newer required)
  • Real-time monitoring of vital engine and tuning parameters
  • Datalogging capabilities
  • All data stored via smartphone storage and/or cloud storage (hours depend on available storage space)
  • Read and clear diagnostic fault codes
  • Can be used on multiple vehicles (tuning files are VIN specific, separate cables required for Can-Am & Polaris vehicles)
  • Compatible with all Maptuner accessory cables
  • Nano NX3A requires OEM-specific cable for diagnostic port connection, sold separately below



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