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2024 Polaris Xpedition ECU Bench Power Flash (ECU SEND-IN)

2024 Polaris Xpedition ECU Bench Power Flash (ECU SEND-IN)

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Stock 91
114 87 8200-8400
EVP Stage 1 91
119 92

The new Polaris Xpedition was introduced as the "ultimate adventure-ready rig designed to haul more, pack more and do more." The massive fully cabbed UTV is fully capable of holding its own on a variety of terrain, and after some time in the EVP Dyno Lab we've awakened its inner beast with more power, better throttle response, plus smoother and more consistent top-end performance with the Stage 1 ECU Power Flash.

Baseline dyno runs proved the top-end power fades drastically on the factory ECU settings. The EVP Stage 1 Tune not only delivers a significant bump in horsepower, but the power also stays consistent throughout. Safety settings are also enhanced with lower fan on/off temperatures,and overall throttle response is considerably improved through timing, fueling and torque limit adjustments. Bottom line: the EVP Stage 1 Tune delivers a night-and-day difference in responsiveness and on-demand power compared to the Xpedition's factory ECU settings.


  • High Gear speed limiters raised
    • Stock: 67 mph*
    • Tuned: 93 mph*
  • Low Gear speed limiters raised
  • Rev limits raised
  • TQ limits removed
  • Fan on/off temperatures lowered
  • Improved fueling and ignition timing advance optimized for 91 Octane for maximum power
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved)

*Programmed speed limit. Top programmed speed limit in stock or tuned settings is not realistically achievable.


2024 Polaris RZR Xpedition

NOTE: Xpedition ECU is located behind the driver's side seat on 2-door models, and behind the driver's side rear passenger seat on 4-door models. Diagnostic port is located under the steering wheel.

FITMENT NOTE: RZR Xpedition ECU is located behind the removable panel in back of the driver's seat (or behind driver's side passenger seat on 4-seaters). Diagnostic port location is is under the front dash near/next to the (driver's) right leg.

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